Welcome to the Trust Company

The Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company (TTSTC) is a special-purpose entity that manages, safeguards, and invests public funds and securities belonging to the state of Texas, its agencies and local political subdivisions of the state. TTSTC’s special-purpose entity status provides the Comptroller’s office direct access to specialized investment services and programs enabling the Comptroller to achieve the highest return at the lowest cost to the state.


Managing Texas' Money

The Trust Company invests, manages, and oversees approximately $125 billion in assets. Investments include cash-equivalent funds such as the Texas Treasury Pool and separately managed portfolios for various Texas state agency clients.

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Open & Accountable

Investments are governed by the Comptroller's Investment Policy, TexPool/TexPool Prime Investment Policies, Endowment Investment Policy, SWIFT Investment Policy, and TESTIF Investment Policy. Performance is routinely measured by regular reporting and audits.

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